The Thomas Sisters

Dr. Todd Aki , couldn't ask for a better orthodontist. Dr. Aki and his marvelous staff make you feel welcome every time you enter the office. Some of the highlights of going to Dr. Aki's office are fun games and raffles where you win prizes such as movie tickets, gift cards and other cool prizes. Another thing is hearing diverse music to make you feel even more comfortable.

In our case, we have had meaningful conversations with the staff that we will never forget. Dr. Aki and his great assistants actually care about you and remember who you are. There is a list, that we can go on and on explaining how cool this orthodontic office is. They make us laugh all the time, and we are always joking around. Dr. Aki, his assistants and us always talk about the latest movies that came out, and we share our opinions on the movies.

Going to this office is a win win situation, you get straight pretty teeth and get to enjoy yourself every time you go for your check ups. Mathie, the lady at the front desk always welcomes you and asks you how you are. Mathie usually makes your appointments and she always tries to give you the day and time best for you and not for the office.

In a sum, we wouldn't suggest any other orthodontist to attend and have a great time. This office is fun, and entertaining, everything is less painful. Many people are afraid of the dentist but this one in particular rarely causes any pain and makes you feel so comfortable.

Carmen S.

Dr. Aki treated each of my three children with very positive outcomes. Each one had an even more beautiful smile and noticably exuberated confidence upon completion of their individualized treatment plan. His staff of professionals are truly amazing and made the exciting transformative journey for each one of my kids an absolute pleasure.

Christine H.

I first started seeing Dr. Aki and his staff for my first set of braces in the second grade and now I'm starting my second year in college so I've really gotten to know everyone in the last ten years. Dr. Aki's office is located in the heart of Union City and really easy to get to.

Mathie, the receptionist always greets you with a smile and it's amazing how she knows everyone's name! There's always a ton of magazines in the waiting room for adults and kids and random puzzles to keep kids entertained. It's never long before you're seated inside.

Dr. Aki really takes his time getting to know you and examining your teeth! Thanks to Dr. Aki's help, I now get so many compliments on how straight my teeth are! Everyone in his office is super nice and it's always an enjoyable time visiting Dr. Aki!

Eileen F.

I really like how they make sure your teeth will go with your facial structure and they do the job correctly instead of just the easiest way. Everyone there is very friendly, helpful and down to earth. The appointments were very convenient. They make everything pretty easy. I now have such a gorgeous smile!